Client Testimonials

I call Mark a “land sculptor” because his work is gorgeous and he lives and breathes the machinery he uses. All I have to do is relay my vision, and Mark and his crew take it from there and bring it to life.

Jess W

If I would have known Mark and the team at Tompkins Excavating before I began working with them in 2005, I would never have worked with any other company!

Demitri, East Coast Homebuilders

After working with Tompkins Excavating, it’s difficult to trust anyone else!

Debbie T., Stonegate Co-Operative Apartment Complex

I love the way Tompkins Excavating treats its customers like family and only utilizes the best quality materials, tools and methods.

Jodi S.

I am a child care professional, and my driveway was a hazard for parents coming to drop off their children. The concrete was crumbling and it was a nightmare! From the start, the professionals at Tompkins Excavating understood that this project was more than just driveway paving to me, and they treated me with courtesy and respect. Mark took the time to explain about the paving materials he was using, and presented ideas about preventative maintenance of our concrete curb. The crew was consistently focused on what they were doing, they were knowledgeable about the paving materials, and the entire team made the paving project stress-free for me. My husband is a contractor and he was also very impressed with the paving work. Tompkins Excavating is committed to quality work and it shows! I would recommend their services to anyone.

Patti K.

I found Tompkins Excavating in the PennySaver and I have worked with them on various projects over the last 20 years. I recommend Mark and his team to people all the time because they always look out for me and we love their work! When we were having trouble with the company that we originally contracted to put in our pool, we called Tompkins Excavating to finish the job and they came through with flying colors! Not only were they able to give us more space than originally planned, the pool and surrounding landscaping has lasted 25 years. Mark’s work is built to last and many of our friends can attest to this as well!

Cheryl L.

I was having drainage issues, and my septic tank and fields needed to be replaced. Mark Tompkins came out and spent about two hours with me walking around the property and offering solutions to some of the problems I was having that the other excavators didn’t suggest. Of all the people I spoke to, I found him to be the most knowledgeable not only with the drainage problems, but also the septic system. Once they began work, I was very impressed by the way Mark briefed his crew about the work they were going to do that day, and his crew was hard-working, polite and very respectful of the property. I was very pleased. Their work is fantastic, and they’ve been in business around here for a long time.

Andy R.

I started working with Tompkins Excavating three years ago, and most recently on a nine-month-long project consisting of drainage, decorative stonewalls, retaining walls, fireplaces and patios. It was a major job and I knew I was going to have trouble getting estimates. I also knew that if I used Mark and his team at Tompkins Excavating, I would get a fair deal and he would do a good job. I was 100% right! Mark had the vision to see what I needed done his team was so professional – they would come and go and I didn’t even know they were there. I would recommend Mark’s work to anyone. I don’t think there was anything in the process that could have been improved.

Arlene F.

I met Mark and the folks at Tompkins Excavating about 20 years ago when they were doing commercial work for me, and have been working with them ever since. I call Mark a “land sculptor” because his work is gorgeous and he lives and breathes the machinery he uses. All I have to do is relay my vision, and Mark and his crew take it from there and bring it to life. I have utilized Tompkins Excavating services for property sculpting, stonewalls, patio maintenance, pool construction, drainage, septic enhancements, as well as foundation and renovation work to my house. I would highly recommend Tompkins Excavating to anyone looking to do any work on the outside of their home because Mark and his team are knowledgeable, respectful, and they take pride in their work.

Jess W.

…Mark from Tompkins came out, talked about the wall, didn’t refer to it like it was a terribly complicated job, and instilled quite a bit of confidence with the way he talked about the work.  All of the other people we got quotes from would preface the conversation by talking about how complicated the job was because of it’s proximity to the road and some other factors.  Mark wasn’t phased and was able to talk about other jobs they have done that were much more complicated.   The workers were very respectful and were mindful of their equipment blocking our cars/garage when they would come in the morning and make sure that they wouldn’t be blocking us in or anything.  The job took about 4 weeks to complete, which I have no doubt would have been _much_ faster if it wasn’t for being close to the road.  Overall, the wall looks _amazing_ and we are very happy with the work that was done….

Thomas N.