Drainage and Excavation Services

As many homeowners living in the Northeast can attest, weather changes and the sometimes severe weather can wreak havoc on driveways and especially on the drainage systems that provide support underneath them, and prevent nearby landscapes, plants, flowers, trees and turf from being flooded. Many homeowners don’t realize that water drainage in your landscaping is just as important as landscape irrigation because excess water in landscaped gardens and lawns may result in plant diseases and foliage death. Also, if poor drainage is present on driveways it will eventually affect the base material and cause the driveway to shift and become unstable.


Drainage Systems for Homes and Driveways

Every home or business property is unique with regard to drainage solutions. It is very important that water is kept flowing away from any structure because, if water is allowed to pond near a building’s foundation, it could lead to a flooded basement or even the possibility of basement wall collapse. Tompkins Excavating installs all types of drainage systems including catch basins, drywells, curtain drains and footing drains, and we will work to ensure that the proper custom solution is designed for each individual property. We can help you design a drainage system that will accommodate the needs of your home and property, as well as provide thorough preventative maintenance and care of your existing systems.

Services Include:

  • Large Scale Storm Water Systems
  • Cultec Drainage Systems
  • Driveway Drainage Systems
  • Basement Waterproofing
  • Drainage
  • Drywells
  • Erosion Control & Retaining Walls
  • Retention Ponds & Drainage Ditches